Dear partners!


Since 2003, our company has been growing year by year, and despite everything, we continue our confident development. Of course, it is not easy, especially not now, but our goal, our vision, our understanding of why we are working with you drives us forward. From the very beginning we have set a goal to become a world-class Kazakh company, to take a leading position in our market and to provide services at the level of international logistics companies.


We have opened our offices in China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Europe to better serve our customers’ export and import businesses. For this reason, we consciously invest in the education and training of our employees. That is why we focus on long-term customer relationships, which we convert into partnerships, rather than short-term advantages at the expense of the buyer.


The company carries out cargo transportation from any place in the world on non-standard routes. We deal with the transportation of goods of any volume and complexity.


We do everything to make our clients feel that they receive reliable and quality services, with an ideal balance between price and quality. After all, well-built logistics can be the foundation of any company’s success, and that’s why we want to make your logistics easy and reliable, and that’s much more than just delivering goods.

Нам доверяют

«Мы очень сильно ценим ваше Доверие. Доверие наших клиентов. Которое основано на реальных делах, на реальных перевозках.
На реальном ежедневном труде наших сотрудников.»