Multimodal transport

Our company carries out international transportation that includes various modes of transport — sea, rail and road.


STL is an expert in transporting special equipment: from rolling cargo and oversize to standard, including in special containers:


«Open Top» (open roof), «Flat Rack» ( flat frame for transport of special equipment and oversized cargo).


Cargoes with a specific temperature regime of storage.


Pipes for oil and gas facilities, large quantities of steel for construction, transportation of entire industrial plants.


We coordinate the transportation of your cargo from all continents through the ports of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the East Asian coast.


Multimodal transportation is a complex method of cargo delivery, which involves the simultaneous use of several modes of transportation — land, sea, rail, etc. If the cargo cannot be transported to the destination by a single mode of transport, multimodal transportation is the most practical and efficient option for cargo transportation. Multimodal transportation is characterized by the fact that one and the same company is involved in its organization from start to finish. In other words, one and the same logistics service provider is responsible for the delivery of goods.

Multimodal transport is a complex logistical task, the organization of which is best entrusted to professionals with many years of experience in logistics. Multimodal transportation requires a carefully thought-out route and competent legal registration. The cargo is controlled at every stage of transportation.